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Free Insider Guide to Carpet Cleaning

A Free Insider Guide to Carpet Cleaning is available to you at our website It gives simple methods and detailed strategies to avoid common misconceptions about having a clean carpet.

In the Free E-Book you will discover:

  • What dirt is doing to your carpet with every step you take.
  • 6 Common Misconceptions about carpet care.
  • Why appearance is only one of the reasons to have your carpet cleaned.
  • How some cleaning methods will actually leave your carpet worse off!
  • Why a low advertised price may be a warning sign.
  • The 7 questions you must ask before inviting any carpet cleaner in your home!

I hope you will find this e-book very useful to you!

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Area rugs should not get the same treatment as your wall-to-wall carpet!

For many of us area rugs are a special feature to our home.  They create that “homey” feel to our homes with their character and uniqueness.  Area Rugs have stories to tell from where they were made and where they traveled to.   They hold special memories from an old home to a new one. Rugs often are heirlooms past from one generations to the next.  There are so many reasons an area rug can be special to us and that is why it is so important to take extremely good care of them.

Many area rugs such as fine oriental rugs are very costly and are made from fragile natural fibers, dyes, and foundation materials that cannot be cleaned in the way we usually clean synthetic carpets (such as nylon, olefin, and polyester).


Most professional carpet cleaning systems involve the use of high heat, high water pressure and extreme agitation.  Most area rugs cannot be cleaned using these tactics.  A more gentle “hand washing” process must be used to safely clean area rugs.  


Because more time is involved in hand washing and more complex cleaning products must be utilized to avoid damaging the fibers and dyes, you would expect that area rug cleaning would be more costly than standard carpet cleaning.  It is.

Why Area Rugs Are More Difficult To Clean

1.  Because of the dense pile construction of ara rugs, dirt particles work their way down through the fibers-to the backing foundation of the rug where they cannot be removed by ordinary vacuuming.

2.  This loose grit wreaks havoc on your rug’s delicate fibers, causing a cutting abrasive action as you walk on the rug.  Abrasion accounts for fiber loss (wear) and embedded soil stains.

3.  Other types of soil including food particles and pet oils “hide” in the dense pile, making your rugs  an ideal haven for germs, bacteria and other nasty creatures such as dust mites!

4.  Dust mites are too small to be seen but are the common cause of year round allergies and asthma.  They live in mattresses, pillows, carpets, rugs, furniture, bedcovers, and clothes-anywhere they can feed on dead flakes of human skin.

5.  All foreign pollutants in your rugs should be removed by a professional cleaning on a regular basis to  keep your rugs “healthy”.

6.  We use a unique and thorough high-volume clear water rinse extraction process.  You see, the amount of water used to clean area rugs is directly proportional to the amount of soil removed in the rinsing process.


If you are in our service area of Anchorage, Eagle River or the Mat Su Valley…We can arrange for a pickup and delivery of your rugs for a small fee.  If you are out of our service area or in another state I recommend finding a reputable company through Ethical Services.  Please call 562-7410 in Anchorage or 373-7410 in the Valley for an inspection appointment.  Your high traffic rugs should be lightly cleaned several times a year and thoroughly cleaned at least once a year professionally.  Low traffic area rugs should be cleaned every 2-3 years to rinse away accumulated dust and soil.  Even if the rug doesn’t LOOK dirty…it should be routinely washed.

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Kids and Carpet

When you have children, it can be hard to keep the house clean, but one part of the house that takes a direct hit is the carpet.

Kids are notorious for tracking in a variety of messes and the carpet – no matter its color or previous condition – suffers because of it. But there are some things you can do to help kids and clean carpets live in harmony.

First, have a no-shoes policy. It’s become more and more common for people to take their shoes off as soon as they enter someone’s house, or even before. Don’t worry about what people will think. Be firm about this rule, and apply it evenly to adults and children so you don’t discriminate.

By making sure shoes aren’t worn in the house, you are also ensuring that the carpets get spared from whatever might be on someone’s shoes, like oil, dirt or grass. If you feel uncomfortable asking guests to remove shoes, you can offer them a pair of slippers from a basket near your door.

Second, don’t assume that if the kids are running around the house in socks, that’s fine for the carpets. Some kids will run outside in their socks, and then come back in house. Their socks are now as dirty as a shoe might be. Check the bottoms of the kid’s socks periodically and if they are dirty, make them change their socks.

Limit eating & drinking to the kitchen and dining room table.  Young kids tend to be messy and spills just naturally happen.  Having a rule to keep food and drinks away from your carpet will keep it cleaner and looking much nicer longer.  Having this rule also will protect your furniture and upholstery in your home too.

Vacuum often.   Contrary to some people’s beliefs, vacuuming does not wear down the carpet, but actually benefits the carpet.  The more people and pets you have in your household the more you should vacuum.  Do it often to keep the dirt from soaking into the fibers (making it very hard to get clean). If there are stains on the carpet, you’re more likely to see them when vacuuming the carpet (when you’re looking directly at it) than when you’re walking all over it. Then you can deal with the stains as you see them and before they become harder to get out.

Finally, get your carpets cleaned regularly. Many people wait until they see dirt and stains to clean their carpets, but cleaning them before you see the dirt is a better idea. Your carpet, which is a big investment, will last longer. Experts recommend getting carpets cleaned about every 6 months, when you do your regular heavy cleaning.

If you follow these steps, you can have light colored carpet, pets and children and all can live peacefully together.

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