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January Thaw in Alaska

It is close to 50 degrees right now!  How crazy is that for January??? 

We have been super busy with taking care of  flooded homes.  Some were from frozen pipes breaking right after that awful cold spell we just had…and now some are homes we are taking care of are flooding from ground water and all the rain we are getting.

If you or someone you know is experiencing  flooding in your home right now there are  4 Immediate Steps you must take. 

If you are  having water damage in your home TCM Restoration can expertly dry and restore your home & belongings for you.  We have expert trained restoration teams ready to go and  will get your home back to normal. 

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Do you have to dust right after dusting?

If you happen to find dust on your furniture shortly after dusting then most likely your home is in need of having  duct cleaning.      If you find yourself constantly dusting then your ducts are probably full of dust & debris that keeps circulating around and around the house.   You could dust everyday but it still won’t help. 

The remedy is to get your ducts professionally cleaned!  You will still have to dust periodically but it will no longer be an on going battle.  Your home will be much healthier too!

Some other reasons you might consider having your ducts cleaned:

1.  If someone in your home has asthma or breathing problems.

2. If someone in your home suffers from headaches, sinus problems or nasal congestion at night or in the mornings.

3. If someone smokes inside the home.

4. If you have dogs, cats or other pets.

5.  If you notice stale or musty smells when the furnace runs.

6. If it seems like there is not enough air flow through your vents.

If you answered yes to any of the above then it is time to have your ducts cleaned and your home once again healthy.

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