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Palmer, AK Carpet Cleaning Testimonials

“Terrific!  I wouldn’t have anyone else ever!  The men who come here are always so nice.  I’m almost 80 and have diabetes and arthritis, if I need help moving something they are nice enough to help. Value clean, sweet smelling home, feeling good when I have company and not ashamed of my old (1933) Colony home.  Excellent in every way.” ~ Sue Ragsdale-Palmer, AK

“First time.  Very friendly & professional.  Thank you for the customer service.  So many businesses forget it exists.  Happy with how hard you worked on my bleach spots.  With 2 dogs (large ones) & 2 toddlers there is more ‘stuff’ on my carpet than I care to know about.  It smells great & looks almost brand new.”~Guinness Collins-Palmer, AK

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