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How to remove superglue from a granite counter top

Well this was a new one for me…I discovered my son had left a superglue tube open right on our beautiful kitchen granite counter top.  By the time I discovered it the tube was stuck to the counter top pretty good.  The tube pried off  for me but the glue didn’t seem to want to budge.   Acetone is something that would work to remove it.  Since it’s in nail polish remover and was what I had at home that’s what I tried.  I applied the nail polish remover to a white cloth and scrubbed at the glue spot.  In just a few minutes it was completely gone!   If this ever happens to you I hope this tip will help! ( And don’t  forget to rinse over the spot real good with water & dry.)

August 22, 2012 Posted by | Alaska, cleaning, house cleaning, Wasilla | 1 Comment