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Tips to prevent Water Damage in your home

Here’s some tips to prevent a big water damage in your home.  It can save you $$$ and a big inconvenience of having drying equipment and crews in your home for days.

Replace old water heaters. Water heaters do damage when they get too old and the tank rusts and bursts, allowing water to pour into adjacent rooms. On average, water heaters last 10 to 12 years. Don’t wait for them to fail; replace your tank once a decade. Today’s energy-efficient systems will also be cheaper to operate.

Switch to stainless steel hoses: Consider replacing standard rubber or plastic hoses with stainless steel-braided or mesh hoses. Worn out hoses with kinks, cracks or bulges need to be replaced immediately.

Don’t leave dishwashers and washing machines running if you leave the house. If something breaks while a home owner is away, what could have been a small mop-up job often turns into a thousand-gallon mess best left to professionals.

Consider water alarms: Home owners can install water alarms for a quick alert when an appliance isn’t working right. Hooking up the system to an appliance is usually as simple as hooking up a hose to an outdoor faucet.

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Important to have an Emergency List if you leave for the Holidays

If you go out of state for the holidays and either have a house sitter or someone checking in on your home you should have a list of emergency numbers for if that emergency happens.  We all know about dialing 911 for break ins and suspicious activity,   But who do they call when there has been a flood in your house?  Is it a plumber, your insurance agent, a restoration company?  Actually it can be all 3…but your best bet is leaving the number of a restoration company which will make the timely connections with the plumber &  agent and be able to take care of everything even if you are out of state.   A restoration company will most likely stop the source of water as soon as possible and start extracting the water immediately,  The faster water is removed the less damage.  If you are going away for Holidays and are in Anchorage (562-7410) or Mat Su Valley  (373-7410) make sure you add our numbers to your emergency call list.  We’re here to help 24 hours a day.

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Flooded Laundry Room

Washer_Overflow Flooded Laundry RoomUh Oh!   These kinds of emergencies we can help with!   Even if you are doing laundry at midnight.  We have crews on call 24/7 that are used to drying out homes in the middle of the night.  Frozen pipes that break and flood homes, toilet over flows, malfunctioned dishwashers, water heaters that break,  broken refrigerator water lines…we have seen them all and then some!  If you are in Anchorage  (907-562-7410) or the Mat Su Valley (907-373-7410)  we can help for any water emergency.  We do everything from drying out floors & sheet rock, doing repairs, drying & restoring contents.  

We use state of the art drying equipment and have well trained crews.  A flood in a home is never planned and never fun…but we try to make it as easy and less stressful for the homeowner.  We work directly with the insurance company and try to restore the job as quickly as possible so the owner can get on with their life.   Click on this link  “testimonials”  to hear what some of our past clients had to say about us.

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Frozen pipes? Flooded carpet?

Below zero temps can freeze and literally pop & burst pipes.  If you find this happening and water gushing everywhere….  The most important thing to do right away is to stop the source of water.  Does everyone in your  home know where the main water shut off valve is?  If not take the time to show everyone.    This can save a homeowner thousands of dollars in damage by stopping the water as quick as possible.

The next step is to remove the water from your flooded home.  A wet vac is NOT going to take hundreds of gallons of water out of wet carpet and flooring.  You need to call a professional restoration expert and have the water removed as quick as possible.  Most restoration companies have crews on call 24 hours a day.  If the one you call can’t get to your home immediately you should call another one.  Time is of the essence and we know by getting to the flooded house fast we can save the homeowner money & shorter length of time dealing with this disaster in their home so they can get back to their regular life.     We serve Anchorage and the Mat Su Valley and do everything from intial dry out, monitoring, content cleaning  & if needed reconstruction.

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Water Damage Tips- What to do and What NOT to do

If you have a water damage in your home safety should be your primary focus.

  • Is it safe to stay in the house?
  • Electrical and anything that could cause you to slip & fall should be a concern.
  • Wet materials can be very heavy!  Ceilings can collapse with excess water weight so no one should be standing under them.

What to do after a Water Damage

  • Remove excess water by mopping
  • Wipe excess water from wood furniture and table tops
  • Remove wet furniture & prop couch and chair cushions to dry
  • Place wood blocks between wood furniture legs and wet carpeting
  • Remove any colored rugs from wet carpeting.  (Some can bleed color and permanently stain carpet)
  • Remove any art work or pictures from walls to a safe dry place.  Humidity in the room can cause unnecessary damage.
  • Gather loose items from floor
  • Call a water damage professional.  We are on call for any emergency 24/7.  If you live in the Anchorage or Mat-Su Valley we can help you out anytime of day.

What NOT to do after a Water Damage

  • Don’t leave wet fabrics in place.  Hang furs & any leather items.
  • Don’t leave any magazines, newspapers, books or colored items onto wet floor or carpet.
  • DO NOT use your vacuum to remove excess water
  • DO NOT turn on TV or any other electrical item
  • DO NOT turn on lights or ceiling fan if ceiling is wet.   (Keep out of rooms if ceiling is sagging!  Very dangerous!!)

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Fall Is The Time To Insulate Pipes

Now is the time of year when Alaskans start preparing for winter. Snowmachines, studded tires and winter gear are usually the top items on that list. But your home should also be top priority too! Those who do not have the foresight to prepare their home for the coming cold months, often end up regretting that they did not. It can be twice as bad to deal with plumbing problems in the winter because pipes in or under the home have frozen and busted. Not to mention the water damage that can quickly happen inside the home.

During warm weather it is so much more comfortable to do maintenance on the home. People get so busy in the spring and summer with gardening and lawn mowing that they probably do not give much thought to the inconvenience that frozen and busted plumbing causes in the cold months. It is a good idea to schedule your plumbing inspections during the warm months. Going underneath your home into the crawl space, if you have one, is essential to be able to inspect your outside pipes for leaks and deterioration.

If the pipes in your crawl space are not insulated, you can do this simple job yourself by wrapping them with pipe insulation or heat tape made specifically for that purpose. It can be terrible to have to get under there and make pipe repairs when there is a foot of snow on the ground and it is only 10 degrees (or many times MUCH colder) outside. Why not do it now when the weather is nicer?

Outside water faucets are also prone to more damage in the winter months. If you are using your spigots right now and notice that they have leaks anywhere, do the repairs now and save trouble later. These spigots can also be insulated for the wintertime. When you have spigot leaks, it can cause you to lose a lot of water over time. This is not good for the planet to waste water and it will not be good for your home either if you get water damage inside your home because of it. Your local hardware or department store should have the supplies that you need to insulate your outside and inside water sources and pipes to help you get your home winterized.

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Another Happy Client

We love helping our clients & strive to always give the best customer service ….

Dear Mr. Hongslo,

“In late October, we returned home from a 4-day visit to family in Washington to find a broken hot water pipe in our downstairs utility room and a completely flooded basement level.  It was early Sunday evening when we discovered the disaster and were desperate to handle the situation.  I knew we did not have the equipment or resources to deal with the problem and went to the yellow pages for help.  The first seven restoration companies I called did not answer their phone.  My eighth call was to TCM and was answered by one of  your Project Managers, Mr. Ron Farnsworth. Ron told me he would have a team to our house in just over an hour.  Much to my relief, Ron and his crew did in fact arrive in about an hour and immediately took control of the situation, vacuuming up water, moving furniture and valuables to sage dry areas, removed damaged flooring and planning how to save the sheetrock on the walls of the lower level of my house.  For the next three days Ron and his crew brought in specialized equipment to dry the walls, and helped plan the complete restoration of the downstairs, all the while making measures to allow my wife and I to stay in our home.  Within a short number of weeks Ron had arranged subcontractors to restore our home with new flooring, repairing wall paper, replacing doors and trim, etc.  All work was conducted in a very professional manner and was of very high quality.  I want to thank Ron and TCM for all the efforts to make a disastrous situation bearable for my wife and me, and for making our house our home again.  I have rarely experienced such outstanding service from a service provider.”  

Sincerely, Bud Alto

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Hidden Treasures found in an old Colony Home


Treasures found in an old Colony home in Palmer we recently dried out from a water damage.  Great story that was recently featured in The Frontiersman.

Ron Farnsworth doesn’t usually carry women’s lingerie in his coat pocket — especially not musty bras from the 1940s.

He was willing to make an exception this time after finding what looks like the upper portion of a woman’s slip from the World War II era stuffed into the floorboards of a Colony-era home with Newsweek, Life and PIC magazines dating between 1941 and 1943.

“I just want to be sure the . . . uh . . . item gets back to its rightful place,” the loss mitigation manager for TCM Restoration of Palmer chuckled Monday while on his way to deliver the bra to homeowner Betty Bohman. 

Trina Bohman sorts through vintage magazines that were found in the floors of her mother-in-law’s home. The discovery has presented a minor mystery for the family, wondering who might have stashed them in the house. ROBERT DeBERRY/Frontiersman

Bohman, 87, had no idea whose bra it was or who put it there. She also didn’t know why there were piles of nearly 70-year-old publications stashed between the ceiling and floors of the 1936 home she’d occupied since 1995.

To make matters even more intriguing, many of the photos of women in the magazines had been cut out, as if someone had used them for a special project or purpose separate from the magazines.

“It’s a rather amusing mystery,” Bohman’s daughter-in-law, Trina Bohman, said Monday as she flipped through the pages of the magazines.

Farnsworth and his crew had been called to the home near Mile 5.8 of Palmer-Fishhook Road just before Thanksgiving after Bohman discovered her water pipes had burst the week before and all three floors of her home were damaged.

“We had seven people working in that house from 5 p.m. until midnight that first night,” Farnsworth recalled. “We knew the ceiling had to come down and when we started to remove it, there was a layer of sheetrock, then a layer of acoustic ceiling tiles, then a layer of plywood, then insulation. It was odd there were so many layers.”

As his crew worked its way through the layers from the floor in Betty Bohman’s room on the top floor, one of them found the old magazines and newspapers stuffed inside a small storage space behind her closet.

“Who knows why they were there?” Trina Bohman said. “They’re all in pretty good shape, though — except for the cutouts.”

Philip Morris ads praising America for smoking more of their cigarettes, illustrations showing Nazi swastikas carved into rock next to an American soldier, articles exposing as “traitors” famous authors such as Ezra Pound, and headlines declaring President Roosevelt wasn’t telling the American public the whole story can be found in the magazines.

Betty Bohman and her late husband, K.D. Bohman, had purchased the home in 1994 at its original location near the Tsunami Warning Center off the Palmer-Wasilla Highway and had it moved next to their son Brian’s home on Gold Bullion Street near Hatcher Pass.

“K.D. had built a basement next to our house and put the house on top of it,” Trina Bohman explained. “He was in the middle of remodeling it when he got sick all of a sudden and died of cancer six weeks later — just after his 73rd birthday.”

Bohman said that because her father-in-law was so well loved by Palmer residents because he’d helped farmers get loans as a home loan administrator and he also was a bishop in his church, the community came together to finish the project for Betty Bohman.

The Bohmans were told the home was first occupied during the Colony days by Don Irwin, manager of the Alaska Rural Rehabilitation Corp., but they doubt the magazines belonged to him since others had purchased the home after him.

A few of the magazines offered a clue to their original owner through address labels naming Herbert C. Hanson.

A Google search of that name reveals there was an ecologist named Herbert C. Hanson who published articles on vegetation in Northwest Alaska in 1953 for the Catholic University of American in Washington, D.C. He also published a “Dictionary of Ecology” around the same time. However, it is unknown whether he’s the one who owned the magazines or if he ever even lived in the Palmer area.

Trina Bohman found it amusing that in Irwin’s 1968 book “The Colorful Matanuska Valley,” he urges builders to erect “large, substantial and impressive” structures with plenty of insulation when his own home was a mere “stick building.”

“We even found tinfoil used between the floors,” Brian Bohman said of his parents’ home.

His mother said she worked as a nurse at a veteran’s hospital at the end of World War II and that her husband had served with the Navy at Okinawa during the war in the Pacific. Looking through the magazines from that era now brings back memories she’d probably rather forget.

She stopped on a magazine page with a bold photo of an American flag waving from a ship’s mast and remembered walking by the old Palmer Post Office one day in the late 1960s or early 1970s and seeing some young men getting ready to hoist an American flag up the pole.

“The flag was piled on the ground,” she recalled, shaking her head in disgust. “So I walked over there and picked it up and held it until they were ready to put it up. Then I went inside and told their boss what they did. They just weren’t trained right.”

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What you SHOULD and should NOT do in a Water Damage

TCM Restoration and Cleaning provides complete emergency service for water damage that can occur in your home or office. Crews are on call 24/7 that can be paged to help prevent further damage from occurring. It is always important to mitigate the damage as much as possible when disaster strikes. We will work with you to help make sure your loss is settled fairly and completely. The following will help you in an emergency situation:

What you should DO:

Contact a plumber or contractor to eliminate water source (i.e. shut off water or fix roof).

 Contact TCM Restoration & Cleaning to remove standing water and inspect damage.  373-7410 Mat Su Valley or 562-7410 Anchorage.

Call your insurance company. 

For Safety Concerns turn off circuit breakers supplying electricity to wet areas, unplug and remove any small electrical devices currently located on wet carpet or other wet surfaces.

Remove and secure small furniture items and as much as possible to prevent rust or stains and expedite restoration. 

Hang draperies and pin up furniture skirts as required to prevent contact with wet carpet (water marks, browning, dye transfer, or migration).

 Remove books, shoes, paper goods, fabrics, potted plants, or other items that may stain carpet. Check especially under beds and in closets for these items.

Remove and secure breakable, moisture sensitive, or high value items. 

 Make plans for restoration crews to remove large furniture items onto dry carpet, linoleum, garage, or storage areas.

What you should NOT DO: 

 Use your home vacuum, as electrical shock may result, as well as damage to the equipment itself. 

 Place newspaper on wet surfaces, as newspaper ink transfers easily.

Walk on wet surfaces any more than necessary in order to minimize safety hazards, and to keep from spreading damage.

Activate the HVAC system if it has been directly contacted by water, it might serve as a means of spreading contamination. 

 Adjust indoor temperature unless instructed to do so by a qualified technician.

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TCM Restoration & Cleaning (new video of our company)

We do carpet cleaning, upholstery, oriental rug cleaning, duct cleaning, tile & grout.   We  respond 24 hours a day to water damage emergencies in your home or business.

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