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Dog House Training Tips

As the saying goes,” Dog is a Man’s bestfriend”, that is true except of course when you see your dog peeing on your nice clean carpet. This can be very frustrating to a dog owner. 

Many clients have us clean their carpets because of Spot’s little accidents.  For small accidents we can easily get the carpets cleaned….but for bigger accidents, multiple accidents throughout the house, stains or smells that just won’t go away ….then more extensive cleaning with replacing the padding is most often required.  This can be timely and costly to homeowners. 

So what is a homeowner to do with a dog that keeps making messes ?  

Well….there are really only two choices.  Get rid of the dog or get dedicated and do some training.  And most of us love our cute doggies…. soooo that leaves only one thing to do and that is to train your dog.

I have trained 4 puppies and I can tell you it is a TON of work!   It took some hard work and committment in the early weeks but it paid off quickly.  Training your dog benefits you with keeping your home clean and helps develop a loving relationship with your pet.

For pet concerns  here are some easy tips  I have discovered on how to house train your dog.

1. Observation

First of all, note your dogs behavior when it comes to elimination. At what specific time of the day he usually does “his thing”. Listing down the time would help you remember to get your dog outside.  Observe what he/she does before it happens, so that you can prepare yourself.

2. Go Outside

Allow your dog to run freely.  Let him be free to explore his surroundings and be able to pick a spot where he can relieve himself. Keep doing this everyday, slowly the dog will be more comfortable doing “his thing” outside.

3. Stay With Him

In the beginning of the training, always stay with your dog until he finishes. This will keep him focus on what is right to do. Leaving him alone, will create distractions and disrupt the training.

4. Be Patient

This is very applicable to puppy owners. Usually when you bring home a puppy, he/she is very uncomfortable of his environment. He may tend to cry or do things to signal that he wants to relieve himself. When you see this, immediately pick him up and let him outside. Showing him that going to the bathroom is to be done outside of the house.  Not inside.

5. Never Use Ammonia-Based Cleaners

Avoid the mistake of using these ammonia-based cleaners, it smells a lot like urine. Dogs have the tendency to pee in places where there’s urine. So as much as possible, avoid using it.

6. Don’t Be Harsh On The Dog

As much as you would want the training to be successful immediately, allow some time. Some dogs may take longer to learn than others. And so whenever he makes a mistake, avoid being to cruel or harsh to your dog, such as slapping them with newspapers or harder objects. After all, we all love our dogs and would not want to hurt them. Just be patient, he will learn in time.

Following these simple steps you’ll be on  your way to having your dog trained and carpets staying clean longer!

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