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Easy way to get red wine stains out of carpet

Red wine stains are not unusual for us to come across.   The typical response from many misinformed clients is to use products that contain bleach for trying to remove the red stain from the carpet.  That’s a big NO-NO as it will also discolor the carpet as well.

Instead, try to blot as much of the wine stain with a white towel.  If your have a wet/dry vacuum, such as a shop vac, try to extract as much as you can as well.  If you have club soda, take a clean (dry) white towel and pour some club soda on the towel and blot over the stain again.  This step will help get more of the stain out.

If the carpet is still stained, there is only one more thing you can do.  Take a bottle and combine ammonia with peroxide (50/50 mixture) and spray this solution into the stain.  Saturate the area well.  This solution will work on acid dyes when they are still fresh.  Next cover the area with a piece of plastic wrap and place a phone book above it so it dries very slowly.  Check it the next day and the stain should be GONE!

If a red stain or shadow still exists, contact a professional carpet cleaner  as soon as possible.  Contact us if you are in Anchorage or Mat-Su area and we can work the stain further and in most cases get it out completely using advanced red stain removal techniques.


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